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What we do

Our Labs are the backbone as well as the frontend. Deep-thinking, smart strategies and excellent execution.

Packaging strategy

Data-driven strategy is important to us. We diagnose at the beginning of a project where the key opportunities are and define a strategy around them.

Research & Development

Being at the forefront of packaging materials and products is what drives us. We research, experiment and create new concepts and evaluate materials for its fit-for-use.


We help clients execute the strategy. Strategy is good. Action is better with the right organization.


Our Labs are the backbone as well as the frontend. Deep-thinking, smart strategies and excellent execution.

Packaging Audit

Packaging Strategy

Packaging Implementation

Our Packaging Audit provides a report on compliance risks, recyclability, green claim accuracy, and sustainability performance against competitors, helping you improve your packaging's sustainability credentials at a low cost. It also simplifies the overwhelming regulatory landscape, pinpointing where and how you can mitigate risks.

We simplify sustainability through our PSL methodology, creating packaging-led strategies that enhance business thinking, engage stakeholders, and build foundations for growth. Our approach starts with an analysis of your brand's impact and then develops robust sustainability thinking into your packaging, considering fast-changing consumer attitudes. We provide easily-implemented policies, plans, and guidelines for packaging, procurement, brand teams, and supply chains, making sustainability actionable.

We offer a comprehensive implementation service for eco-friendly packaging. Our experts analyze your current packaging, create a customized plan, and guide you through the transition. We also provide staff training and support. With our service, you can achieve a seamless, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible transition.

Our approach

1. Understanding and problem statement
2. Research
3. Strategic ideation 
4. Solution design
5. Framework creation

There are no tricks under the sleeve! This is our process. 

Based on strategy. Driven by creativity. Focused on sustainability. We immerse ourselves and research from the ground up in order to ideate and cocreate with our clients. This helps us to properly design and position the framework of strategies and solutions that are needed.

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