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The Packaging Innovation Incubator

We rethink packaging to be future-ready

We give companies a superpower: the ability to systematically accelerate, de-risk and simplify the search for the next breakthrough packaging.

Some of our clients


Our services

Our labs are the backbone as well as the frontend. We explore, innovate and create at the intersection between suppliers and brands to drive change for packaging forward


Innovation & 

Structural Packaging Design

A data-driven strategy is important to us. We use data to diagnose key opportunities and leverage insights to define the strategy. Sustainability is at the core of a well-rounded and future-ready packaging strategy.

We research, experiment and create new concepts with different materials, to understand their application and to be at the forefront. 
This gives us a unique position to enable you to apply them quickly to your business.

We create new shapes and structures - and apply them to paper pulp, cardboard, mycelium and conventional materials to drive sustainability forward. 3D and 2D CAD designs and die-lines are the result that you can use to go into production. 

Our values

Our values are what drives us



Sustainability is in everything we do. We carefully assess the impact in a holistic way, run LCAs and compile meta-studies of existing research.


We love what we do. Learning and failing is part of our innovation process which we greatly enjoy.


The biggest problems can only be solved together. We seek out partners with whom we can shape the future together.

Our approach

Based on strategy. Driven by creativity. Focused on sustainability. We immerse ourselves and research from the ground up in order to ideate and co-create with our clients. This helps us to move fast and design strategic frameworks and structural packaging solutions that bring you ahead.

Let's start

Three steps to jumpstart you packaging strategy

1 Problem Statement
2 Research
3 Strategic Ideation
4 Solution Design
5 Framework Creation


Our packaging assessment provides a report on compliance risks, recyclability, green claim accuracy, and sustainability performance against competitors, helping you improve your packaging's sustainability credentials. It also simplifies the overwhelming regulatory landscape, pinpointing where and how you can mitigate risks.

Your benefit

A clear understanding of gaps and approaches to mitigate risks


Through our PSL methodology, we create a packaging-led strategy that enhances business thinking, engages stakeholders, and builds foundations for growth.
We provide policies, plans, and guidelines for packaging, procurement, brand teams, and supply chains, making sustainability actionable.

Your benefit

Developed ambition, position, and goals for the entire portfolio from single-use to reuse 


We offer a comprehemsive implementation service for eco-friendly packaging. We create a customized plan, and'guide you through the transition - we also provide staff training and technical support.

Your benefit

You achieve a seamless, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible transition

See what PSL can do for you

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