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Concepts, material experiments and real client cases. These selected case studies give you a good overview of the scope of our work.
Case studies

Edible packaging

Can packaging disappear after use? Can it even become part of the product?

We accepted the challenge and developed in cooperation with MILK. and Notpla a ready-made soup.

The packaging material dissolves in hot water and is edible, with that it becomes part of the soup and zero waste is produced.

The soup of the future already exists today - the soupa soup.

Our client, a dynamic cosmetic start-up, entered the market with a strong commitment to sustainability. They approached us to help them meet their sustainability ambition and to solve their consumer complaints related to packaging.

Our team started with a thorough assessment of their sustainability strategy. We redefined their goals, clarified industry terms, and identified crucial factors along the supply chain. Technical support was provided to address consumer complaints effectively.

The outcome was a packaging strategy framework that aligned our client's sustainability vision with practical implementation. Clear definitions and a precise roadmap were created, empowering the client to stride confidently towards their eco-friendly future.


Client Case 
Cosmetic start-up

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Client Case

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Our client faced the challenge of having clear packaging goals but no defined strategy or roadmap for achieving them and a lack of technical packaging knowledge.

We conducted detailed packaging data analysis to identify key opportunities and developed an actionable plan to reach the packaging goals. Through this, we created a strategic framework that structured projects and priorities effectively.

Our efforts led to a harmonized packaging strategy aligned with wider stakeholders' objectives, enabling smoother collaborations with suppliers and co-packers. 

Our client faced significant challenges, including a lack of technical packaging expertise and systems, an unclear view of the global supply base, and ambiguity in purchasing criteria for packaging materials and equipment.

By identifying qualified strategic suppliers in Europe and China for packaging materials, we diversified and fortified their supply network. Additionally, we facilitated the development of a cross-functional decision-making framework to enhance the efficiency of new packaging equipment procurement.

Our client now possesses a resilient business contingency plan and they successfully procured advanced packaging equipment, positioning themselves for growth and innovation.

Client Case 
Food producer

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Mushroom packaging

As part of our work, we always like to explore and experiment with materials. For this concept, we worked with mycelium to understand its use, application, and advantages. Mycelium is a fungal mesh that grows below the ground and has a structure that can be used as a substitute for Styrofoam. This mesh grows in a form for 3-5 days and is then stopped in its growth by heating the mycelium. To give the mycelium a base to grow on, wood fibers are used.


Its color, texture, softness, and properties make this material unique. Its composability makes it an excellent replacement for other non-widely recyclable elements such as Styrofoam where compositing infrastructure is in place.


We used kit for our first experiments.

New things are constantly unfolding. Stay tuned!

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