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How to right-size packaging?

Updated: Mar 6

During our trip in the US, we came across HiBar solid shampoo. HiBar uses plastic-free packaging for its water-conserving solid bar shampoos as an alternative to traditional products. We noticed it because of its visually appealing packaging and on-shelf presence: a triangular paper prism with minimalistic print. Its shape distinguishes it from other rectangular-shaped dry shampoos.

Traditional shampoo vs bars? Compared to traditional shampoos, solid shampoos use less water as the main ingredient of shampoo is water with > 90%. The ingredients are not diluted until the consumer uses the product, hence saving water and space. This is great news! We see an opportunity for improvement in the sizing of the packaging. When we opened the packaging, we noticed the amount of empty space caused by the shape. The shape is what gives the product shelf presence on the other side there is an opportunity to improve sustainability. Other options can maintain shelf presence while improving sustainable material usage and shipping efficiency. How do we at PSL optimize packaging?

When we set up packaging strategies, questions like: “What is the most environmentally sound packaging option for this product?" and "How does the brand stand out on-shelf yet has the highest sustainability impact?" are central to our framework. This creates future-ready packaging strategies, that enhance brand perception while driving sustainability goals.


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