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Packaging in the US: Insights for Sustainability, Convenience, and Opportunities

Updated: Mar 6

We are thrilled to start a series of posts where we dive into the world of packaging in the United States.

Throughout this series, we will analyze and share our view on the packaging solutions that we observed during our trip. We will share our insights on sustainability, novel packaging solutions, trends, and opportunity areas.

Observing packaging solutions in the context of a country helps to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior. So, you are asking - What is the current state of packaging in the US?

In comparison to countries in Europe there is a different level of maturity in the US when it comes to sustainability. Currently, there is no unified bill on EPR and recyclability across the country and individual states are moving forward with bills on various sustainability topics.

Our observations and potential to improve are revealed in this series. We will uncover easy options to reduce packaging, show reuse packaging, discuss how to combine shelf presence and sustainability, and discuss how retailers can drive sustainability forward and be a key player in this transformation process.

We also encourage you to join the conversation, share your experiences, and ask questions. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts and let us explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding packaging.


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