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SPC Impact 2024 - Recap

Updated: Jul 10

Last week at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Impact 2024 in New Orleans. The discussion was broad – from LCA assessments, and plastic credits, to regulatory changes and innovation.  🌍✨

The conference showcased new and established approaches:

💭Dialogue on carbon and plastic credits

Plastic credits help to support local communities and drive plastic collection in areas where collection infrastructures do not exist yet.-

♻️Regulatory changes

California's SB54 Law is groundbreaking and exemplifies the shift in packaging regulation – it covers source reduction, targets to reduce single-use plastic, rethink plastic packaging to avoid simple and counter-productive material swaps, and provides direction for compostable material use.

📊Data-driven strategy

Packaging data is critical for all your sustainability endeavours and is essential for your strategy, regulatory compliance and to drive projects forward.

🚀Consumer engagement

Consumer behavior and engagement can be positively influenced with sustainability nudges and communication-based on cognitive behavior

👩‍💻Digital interactions

Amazon's 'Compact by Design' promotes efficiency in packaging and Lush's 'Lush Lens' app, bridges consumer information for packaging-less products. It’s clear: our approach to sustainable packaging must be holistic, data-driven, and deeply integrated with our business strategies to effectively meet and navigate the evolving environment of physical and digital approaches to future-ready packaging design.

It ended with a fantastic and inspiring keynote by Molly Kawahata on hope and optimism. Looking forward to continuing to innovate, inspire, and implement with a mindset that looks beyond the present towards a sustainable future.

Thank you to Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and GreenBlue Org for this event. Ready to join the revolution? Let’s make sustainability a standard, not an afterthought. 🚀🌱


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