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Unfolding PPWR - your guide to recyclabiltiy

Updated: Jul 10

The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is set to redefine the landscape of packaging regulation within the EU. As the implementation timeline approaches, it becomes critical for businesses and brand owners to understand and prepare for these newly set requirements.

PPWR introduces metrics for assessing packaging recyclability - the Recycling Performance Grade and the Recycled at Scale Score.

📈 Recycling Performance Grade measures the recyclability by weight, categorizing packaging into grades A, B, or C.

📊 Recycled at Scale Score evaluates how well packaging integrates with current recycling systems. By 2035, these scores will significantly influence whether packaging can remain on the market.

Derogations allow innovative packaging to ramp up and exclude contact-sensitive materials.

👉Take a look and download our report – the only guide you need to navigate recyclability. Get ahead of the curve by ensuring your packaging solutions meet the PPWR standards. 

Contact us, if you like to explore this topic or for tailored guidance and support.

PSL Unfolding PPWR - Recycablity
Download PDF • 449KB


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